Cloud Native Go (Early Release)
Название: Cloud Native Go (Eighth Early Release)
Автор: Matthew A. Titmus
Издательство: O’Reilly Media
Год: 2021-01-26
Формат: epub/pdf(conv.)
Размер: 14.4 Mb, 10 Mb
Язык: English

What do Docker, Kubernetes, and Prometheus have in common? All of these cloud native technologies are written in the Go programming language. This practical book shows you how to use Go’s strengths to develop cloud native services that are scalable and resilient, even in an unpredictable environment. You’ll explore the composition and construction of these applications, from lower-level features of Go to mid-level design patterns to high-level architectural considerations.
Each chapter builds on the lessons of the last, walking intermediate to advanced developers through Go to construct a simple but fully featured distributed key-value store. You’ll learn best practices for adopting Go as your cloud native development language for solving cloud native management and deployment issues.
Learn how cloud native applications differ from other software architectures
Understand how Go can solve the challenges of designing scalable, distributed services
Leverage Go’s lower-level features, such as channels and goroutines, to implement a reliable cloud native service
Explore what "service reliability" is and what it has to do with "cloud native"
Apply a variety of patterns, abstractions, and tooling to build and manage complex distributed systems

Third Early Release - 2020-03-02:

2021-01-26 - Eighth Early Release:

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