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Practical Railway Engineering
Practical Railway Engineering
Название: Practical Railway Engineering
Автор: Clifford F. Bonnett
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company
Год: 1996
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 231
Размер: 26 Mb
Язык: English

This textbook is aimed at those who need to acquire a 'broad brush' appreciation of all the various engineering functions that are involved in planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining a railway system. An indication is given of the differences in these different disciplines between heavy rail, rapid transit and light rail operations.This book is well illustrated with numerous examples taken from worldwide experience, both recent and earlier, showing how railways have evolved through this learning process. In addition, it indicates the likely trends for the future and the areas where more research and development is necessary.

Separate chapters are dedicated to the different parts of the railway infrastructure including stations, track, earthworks and bridges together with chapters on signaling, rolling stock and other mechanical equipment.

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